Helping keep Toronto motorists safely on the road...since 1960.... Monday, December 22, 2014   

126 Laird Drive
Toronto, Ontario

5 blocks south of Eglinton
Open 7am-6pm Mon-Fri
"AML operates their business in a very professional manner. Art, Rica and their employees are skilled, knowledgeable and give at all times great service."
· Helen Gran (at right)

"My husband’s cartage company was one of Art senior’s first customers. I’m happy to say that his son Art has continued in the same vein. I very much appreciate his honesty and knowledgeable service when looking after my car."
· Edna Beange (at left)

"I've been in Canada for 16 years and coming to AML for 15. I've never felt the need to go anywhere else. I think that speaks for itself."
· Remo Saverimuttu (at right)

"I would not hesitate to recommend AML to my friends – and have done so with favourable reports on the repairs that were done."
· Gail Robertson (at left)

"After two American cars, I'm on my fourth Saab, a high tech Aero. AML kept them all running smooth and sweet - and economically. Why go anywhere else?"
· Robi Roncarelli (at right)

"Safety is a huge concern in our family. I know that when I bring my vehicles to Art I can feel confident that we will be safe."
· Eleanor Pearson (at left)

"Artenal Motors services all of the Leaside Plumbing & Heating vehicles. We take our vehicles to AML because of their fast and reliable service, reasonable prices and dependable warranted service. AML not only looks after our company vehicles, they also look after many of our employee’s personal vehicles. Leaside Plumbing & Heating recommends AML to all who ask."
· Tom Spanton (at right)

"I have been taking my vehicles to AML Auto Service for what must be more than 20 years now. This is not just because the work is excellent and prices reasonable, but because they are very accommodating, personable and treat me with the same respect my customers expect from me."
· Doug Johnston (at left)

"Art French is a skilled master mechanic and he is unquestionably one of the best. His business is founded on meticulous work standards and high ethical principals. Staff are knowledgeable and courteous. It is with confidence that I send my family and friends to AML Auto Service."
· David Baines (at right)


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