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AML has implemented a number of protocols to comply with social distancing and sanitizing:

  • Continually sanitizing common areas, such as waiting room, countertops and washroom
  • Staff use hand sanitizer whenever contacting outside surfaces, such as keys or vehicles
  • Avoid person to person or person to object contact as much as possible by wearing gloves and masks when appropriate
  • Our staff has been temporarily reduced to 2 technicians and 2 office personnel
  • Limiting the number of people waiting or dropping off a vehicle to a maximum of 4 to allow adequate distancing, even while waiting
  • Key drop-off envelopes are picked up by a person wearing gloves and a mask, while a second person handles the work order inputting. Keys are then sanitized by the gloved one or deposited into a sandwich bag held and sealed by their counterpart, along with any paper the keys were delivered with.
  • The technicians, before entering a vehicle and beginning work on it, wear a mask and disposable gloves to wipe down the driver’s door, seat, switches, handles, shifter and steering wheel, using a sanitizing solution. The process is repeated before returning it to the customer
  • As much as possible, we try to work at a distance. We will pick up and deliver vehicles, accept payment by phone, or by using tap if at our shop and communicate through texting, email or by phone.
  • We discourage cash payment at this time 
  • In addition to the above steps, we ask our customers

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