Correct wheel alignment improves handling and braking, saves fuel and helps maximize tire life. Along with quality tires and top-notch suspension and brake products, proper wheel alignment works to keep the maximum possible tire contact with the road in every driving condition. As such, alignment is a very important safety-related maintenance operation.

AML uses a computerized alignment system engineered by Hunter, long considered one of the premier manufacturers of such equipment in the industry. To ensure accuracy, our equipment is updated and calibrated annually.

Prior to setting your vehicle up on our Hunter, we road-test it at city speeds to determine its handling characteristics and inspect the tires for abnormal wear patterns. It is recommended to have a thorough inspection on the steering and suspension to determine if any additional repairs are required prior to performing the alignment.

In some cases, it may be necessary to modify the suspension to enable adjustments to be made. This is especially true on many front-wheel drive vehicles, because the manufacturer does not always provide the means to make adjustments which would be needed to correct any wear or damage induced by collision or, in many cases, harsh driving conditions. Of course, modifications may add to the cost, in which case the decision to proceed is left up to the customer, as it is with all repairs we recommend.

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